Designer's Desk

Let's talk about how you can go from DIY'g your own logo, website, Instagram posts, and whatever else you think you can pull off, to having a real designer give you the tools, templates, and training you need to launch your brand the right way! The good news is, you don't have to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars having a brand strategist do everything for you!


You're pretty smart. You've done a little branding on your own so far.  All you really need is to fill in the gaps of what you've already created! 

That's why we've bundled up the perfect package to help you gain clarity, consistency, and a professional brand image in so you can launch (or relaunch) your brand in just 24-hours!





  • Fire the Designer Website Builder Training (easy step by step process for nondesigners to build a custom site in 1 hour)

  • Premade Logo Design Template (professional logo design in minutes)

  • Custom Color Palette Options

  • Editable Brand Launch Flyer Template

  • Brand From Scratch Worksheets (includes developing your brand foundation, building your target customer profile, developing your brand mission statement, and creating your brand "I help" statement)

  • Canva The Right Way Training Video (how to make a suite of Instagram templates that shows a consistent brand theme)

  • Unlimited email assistance and guidance to answer your questions

What do you get?

Only $97

That's 60% off!

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BFS Mockup.jpg
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